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Grief After Baby Loss
Healing Workshop

Mending your heart
after miscarriage,
pregnancy loss, or infant loss

Is your heart raw after pregnancy or infant loss?

You are not alone.  Did you know that 1 in 4 pregnancies end in loss?  1

We've been there - we know what you're going through, and we would love to meet you. 

Work through your grief
by building a special connection to your baby


We will inspire you to use your
mama powers and emotions to
 to your HEART

Learn how to incorporate it into your life

Connect with other loss moms

Who this is for: 

Any woman that has experienced miscarriage, pregnancy loss, or infant loss -- whether it was yesterday or many years ago

From a single loss to multiple losses, please join us.

Our Story - Part 1 - Jacque Dunn
Our Song - Part 2 - Jacque Dunn

Our Story: 

I wanted to share a little more about our story, and how I created a song for our son, Soaring Fox.  His name has deep connections with his song.  So in Part 1, we talk about how we named Soaring Fox.  In part 2 we sing Soaring Fox's song (out of tune) and share with you some of its special meaning.

This is our story, and yours may be wildly different, and that's ok.  

Many women may not have names for their babies, or have partners, or have partners, family, or friends that they can talk to and be open with about their loss, grief, or healing.  You don't have to do it alone.  We would love to meet you and support you!

You can create a beautiful song that mends your heart a bit more.  We will help you find the words!


Will I have to sing in front of anyone?

Nope!  This workshop is to create a song.  No one will be forced to sing their song in front of the class!  Of course, if someone would like to share their song, then it would be welcomed.

You want me to write a song?!  I can't even sing!

I know, it sounds crazy.  Seriously though, I have really specific questions that will dig deep to help you write your song.  You don't need to be able to carry a tune or play an instrument.

I was pregnant for a short time - a few weeks.  Is this the right workshop for me?

Yes.  Women that have had experienced early pregnancy loss experience feelings of grief and loss.  Grief cannot be compared.  Being pregnant for a short amount of time does not mean that your grief is smaller or that you are not as worthy to get support with healing.

My loss was many years ago.  Is it ok for me to come?

Yes.  Receiving social support helps the healing process.  There is no set time for how long grieving takes.  We are not meant to lose our children, and it may always be hard for us.  This workshop may help make the shattered edges of your heart more smooth and provide you with a song to sing whenever you feel moved.

Absolutely!  It can be hard to know how to help a friend or loved one after loss.  By giving this experience, they will know you are thinking of them.  You can also purchase gift certificates that they can use for any health coaching or loss support products or services.

Can I give this workshop as a gift?
Still not sure?

Opening up your heart to a stranger can be scary.  Would you feel more comfortable meeting me before the workshop?  I offer free Loss Support sessions. 


Please reach out and schedule a time to meet with me here:

Did you know...

When grieving the loss of a baby,
it is common to feel: 

  • overwhelming shock

  • anger

  • guilt and/or self-blame 

  • sadness and/or depression 

  • confusion

  • low self-esteem 

  • jealousy 

  • frustration 

  • physical symptoms related to hormonal changes  2

Parents who experience a perinatal loss often seek the support of family and friends immediately after and during the months following their loss to assist them during this difficult time.


Yet friends and family are often unsure how to provide support to bereaved parents. 


If parents perceive that they are not supported, they may feel isolated and misunderstood in their grief.  Results of studies demonstrate that parents often feel abandoned by their family and friends. 3

A lack of social support has been linked to complicated or chronic grief, which may affect psychological and physical well-being.  3, 4

Perinatal losses are associated with
depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and sleeping disorders. 

Nearly 20% of women who experience a miscarriage become symptomatic for depression and/or anxiety, and symptoms may persist for 1 to 3 years for a majority of those affected, impacting quality of life, interpersonal relationships, and subsequent pregnancies. 5

A scientific study found an estimated PTSD prevalence of 12% in 634 mothers and fathers up to 18 years after the death of their infant. Type of loss (pre-, peri- or postnatal) did not have any effect on PTSD severity.  Social support satisfaction affected the severity of PTSD.  6

Social support plays a large role in adjustment after baby loss. 3

You are not alone.


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