Nourishing Mama and Baby - 30 Day Vibrant Package

Nourishing Mama and Baby - 30 Day Vibrant Package

For women dreaming of starting or expanding their family, already pregnant, or that have little ones under age 3


30-day package


  • 2 health coaching sessions (50 minutes each)

  • 1 life balance assessments

  • Nutrient dense food guidance specifically for Mama and Baby

  • Customized healthy eating habit tips

  • How to eat more whole foods and less unprocessed foods

  • How to choose quality prenatal and postnatal vitamins and omega-3's

  • Why omega-3's are important for both mama and baby

  • Whole food recipes

  • Personalized Goals so you can be happier and healthier

  • Individualized lifestyle steps to achieve your goals 

  • ​8 weeks of Personal Accountability


  • Scheduling Policy

    The Health Coaching sessions are once every 2 weeks.  This is a 30 day package.  In order to give you extra time to complete the package, all sessions need to be completed within 60 days after the first session.